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Radiant Heating Repairs and Installation

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Radiant heating systems provide phenomenal heating for a relatively low cost – when they work properly. Both electrical radiant heaters and water-based radiant heating systems work by radiating heat rather than blowing hot air through the home. 

Radiant heaters are great investments but even these systems can run into trouble at some point or another. 

When it comes time to repair and maintain your radiant heating system, our team can help you to diagnose the issues and get the appropriate fix. We’re here to help you keep your home’s heating system running at peak performance, whether you’re in Harrisburg, Selinsgrove, Mifflinburg, or Lewistown, PA.

Benefits of Regular Maintenance and Repair for Radiant Heaters

Radiant heaters typically have a lifespan of 15-20 years. Regular maintenance and quality repairs can further extend the life of your heating system, saving you money and keeping you warm.

MGM’s Preventative Maintenance Plan

Preventative maintenance will cut down on your repair costs and help you catch heating problems early. With MGM Mechanical’s preventative maintenance program,  you’ll also benefit from:

  1. Increased energy-efficiency and capacity
  2. Improved comfort
  3. Reduced noise levels
  4. Maintained warranty coverage

Common Radiant Heating System Problems

It’s important to recognize signs of inefficiencies with your homes heating system, so you can properly address an issues before they get worse and leave you in the cold. 
    • Pipe leaks: Pipe leaks can cause serious damage without proper maintenance. 
    • Pipe freeze: Power and heat loss can lead to a freeze-up. Anti-freeze may help prevent this issue.
    • Air lock: Because the boiler system that supplies the hot water to your home is pressurized, air bubbles can occasionally develop inside the pipes, blocking the flow of hot water.
If you have concerns about anything you find or aren’t sure that you can properly address any issues, call one of our repair specialists at MGM Mechanical. 

General Radiant Heating Maintenance Tips

Some simple maintenance checks that you can do yourself to keep your home’s radiant heating system up and running include:
    • Remove air – Prior to using your radiant heating system for the season, remove any excess air that has built up in the radiators and pipes. Loosen the bleeding valves on your radiators to let the air escape. This is most effective when the heater is on and water is circulating through the radiators.
    • Clean Boilers – Before it gets cold outside (typically in the fall), clean the boiler and its fuel system. A well-cleaned boiler will ensure your home’s radiant heating system will perform at its best.
    • Repair Leaks – Address any leaks as soon as you can, to prevent them from getting out of control. Leaks can also spring from pipework underneath your floor. Tighten any bolts or replace old valves. Check for water stains on your boiler or the floor, as this is a telltale sign that your heating system needs repairs. Don’t try to repair boiler leaks on your own. The safest option is to contact a professional to address this issue.
If you have concerns about anything you find or aren’t sure that you can properly address any issues, call one of our repair specialists at MGM Mechanical. 

Should You Repair or Replace Your Heating System?

Repairs will only last for so long. As your system ages, pay attention to any irregularities and be ready to call a professional home heating technician. If you notice any of the below, it may be time for a radiant heating system replacement. 
  • Cold spots in your home.  If you notice cold spots on your floor or certain rooms that just aren’t heating up the way they are meant to, it can be a sign that your radiant heater needs help to get the job done.
  • It takes a long time for the home to heat up. When you turn on your radiator, you should notice your home start to heat up almost immediately. If you notice that it takes longer and longer to warm up the home, then it may be a sign your heater is in trouble.
  • Your energy bills have taken a large jump upwards. A failing radiant header is going to use more energy the harder it has to work to heat up your home. If you consistently have the thermostat set high without your home feeling toasty warm can lead to spikes in your energy bills. This might indicate that your radiant system is having a hard time. Don’t ignore the high bills! Have a technician from MGM Mechanical check things out today.
  • There are concerning sounds or smells. Leaks of any kind can lead to disaster. If you have a gas-powered system, be on the alert for any kind of gaseous smell when you run the heater. This might smell like rotten eggs or sulfur. Additionally, the smell of burning electrical parts or the continued smell of burning dust can indicate other problems. If you notice any strange smells or sounds like hissing, booming, rattling, or screeching, call the experts at MGM Mechanical to inspect your heating system.

Understanding Your Radiant Heating System

Electrical Radiant Heaters

This type of radiant floor heating incorporates electric heating coils under your home’s floors. With this system, the heat produced under the floors warms the rooms in your home from the floor up. Radiant floor heating offers more consistent room temperatures than standard air systems. It also is more economical to operate than furnaces.

Hydronic Radiant Floor Heating

With hydronic heating, radiant floor heating uses plastic tubing to circulate hot water beneath your home’s flooring, instead of electric coils. A boiler stores and heats the water/liquid and pushes it into a plumbing manifold so it can circulate throughout your home’s floors. With a radiant floor heating system, waves of radiating warmth from hot water tubes keep your home’s flooring, and your bare feet, and rooms nice and warm.

If you notice that your home’s radiant heating system is not operating at its best, contact MGM Mechanical to get your system back to peak performance.