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Commercial Cooling Maintenance Contract

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Maintaining your heating and cooling system is essential to ensure it lasts for many years to come, and to ensure you are keeping your utility costs low. Routine maintenance can prolong the life of your equipment and ensure you don’t run into costly repairs in the future. At MGM Mechanical we offer commercial maintenance contracts to help make your life easier. You may not have time to remember to schedule your routine maintenance, but our contracts will ensure it’s on the schedule and taken care of.

Peace of Mind for Your Business 

Our experienced technicians will carefully inspect your system to check for problem areas, while also maintaining the equipment to ensure it is running as efficiently as possible. These routine checks can:

  • Lower your overall monthly costs
  • Extend the life of your equipment
  • Ensure warranty requirements are met
  • Improve energy efficiency
  • Save you money in the long run

Heat Pump and Air Conditioner Checklist For Your Business

  • Check electrical start components
  • Clean indoor and outdoor coils
  • Clean condensate pans and drains
  • Check electric heaters
  • Check operations in heating and cooling
  • Check temperature splits of indoor units
  • Inspect motors, fan blades
  • Inspect and or replace filters