St. John's Lutheran Church in Lewistown engineered a VRF project for their social hall and office areas. After being rewarded the project, MGM installed two 8 ton Mitsubishi Heat Recovery VRF systems that were twinned to make one large system. Six ceiling cassettes were installed in offices, hallway and nursery, and three large air handlers condition the entryway and social hall areas.

This system has 9 separate zones that can run heating and cooling at the same time. It is also 100% efficient at 5 degrees and still makes heat well into the negatives.

The engineer also had specified 2 ERV systems to supply make up air and exhaust air from building. We removed the existing roof top units and installed ERV's in their place, reusing existing duct work and adding new duct work where it was needed.

We could not have completed this project without the help of Lepley Electric, Stitzer Crane Services, B&S Sheet Metal, Peno Air Balancing and Trevia Construction.